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14 Year old with a passion for problem solving

I am currently at an olympic-level global impact training program for high-potential students - @theksociety where I am exploring how Machine Learning can positively impact our mental health and I am doing this through building algorithms to diagnose mental health disorders as the youngest research assistant at a lab at MIT, preventing suicide through my work with Natural Language Processing.


I have always been a curious girl fascinated by science and technology. Ever since I was judged for leading an all boys robotics team, I have made it my mission to prove that women are more than capable in participating in STEM related activities. 

In my spare time I like to write articles, obsessively research all about the inequities in women's health and learn all about our reproductive system. 


Toronto, Ontario


Current Projects

Updated as of 03/2021

Advocating for Change 

To me being a change maker is all about challenging the status quo, through my various roles as a youth ambassador and teen advisor I am representing the voice of youth in my generation. I spend a lot of my time speaking at classrooms and working with the next generation through Tract in order to empower them to be the change makers they are meant to be. As well, I have had the privilege to share my story and be a blogger on platforms such as UNICEF. I hope together we can create a generation ready to tackle the worlds biggest problems. 

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AI for Mental Health

Over the past couple months I have been diving deep into Artificial Intelligence and the potential it has to impact mental health research and outcomes. Through my research at MIT, I have been working on diagnosing mental health disorders. As well, with the recent rise of teen suicide, I am working alongside corporations to implement my model of detecting suicidal ideation in social media content. I have also been investing time to deepen my technical understanding and therefore have started a series called #AIwithAlisha in order to share complex areas of AI with young people, to help them develop better understanding. 

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The HopeSisters

During the start of the COVID-19 pandemic, Kenisha and I founded The HopeSisters. A non-profit organization with the mission of spreading hope to people while also bringing along more HopeSpreaders to start giving and impacting lives. The HopeSisters have worked on several projects; from delivering over 4000 HopeBags to children in foster care across Canada, to working with corporations to empower employees to start giving. If you are interested in becoming a #HopeSpreader, be sure to check out our work and how you can get involved. 

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Heading 5

Consulting for the

United Nations

As a UN youth ambassador I had the honour of working on proposing solutions to empowering more women in Argentina to thrive in the digital economy. I worked with a incredible team of young women to propose tax incentivization and technological strategies that are being proposed to the Argentine Government. 

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